Religious Freedom


The 2019 election will be the most critical for religious freedom in living memory.

Against the background of the same sex marriage survey the Government commissioned the Expert Panel on Religious Freedom to review the protections for religious freedom in Australia and make recommendations on strengthening them.

Before the Panel’s report was even released malicious selective leaks became the justification for attempts to remove the existing, and long standing, protections for religious freedoms in Commonwealth law.

Hiding behind the false claims of expulsions of same-sex attracted students legislation was introduced which would have threatened the ability of Christian schools to teach what we believe and operate our schools consistently with those beliefs.

If the Green’s proposed amendments were accepted, we would also have lost our ability to employ staff who share those beliefs. Religious Freedoms are at the heart of our shared values and beliefs.

As many parents, carers, and grandparents say to us – it is the values of our education system that are the main reason our schools were chosen for your kids.

Those values and beliefs, that freedom of religion, is ingrained in how we teach and how we learn. Those values and beliefs must be protected for our current students and for the future.