Together, we rallied.
United, we were heard.
Now our vigilance is vital.

Religious freedom was widely recognised as a determining factor this federal election.

Together, people of faith nation-wide rallied.

You and I were heard.

But now we have our work cut out for us: holding the new parliament to account to protect religious freedom.

As Christian schools, our faith underpins all we do.

Our values inform how we teach, what we teach and the way in which our faith is modelled to our students.

It’s for this reason you chose your child’s school – to uphold the values you want instilled in them.

But we will no longer be able to fulfil that mandate if religious freedom is not protected in Australia.

For the sake of our students – both current and future – you and I cannot allow the government to forget its promises.

We must continue to highlight the vital importance of the protection of our right to hold, practice and teach our fundamental beliefs.

Now more than ever, your vigilance is vital.

To every parent, carer, grandparent, and staff member in our Christian school community: please stay informed. Being aware of what our lawmakers have to say about protecting the values of our schools and communities is essential.

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