A courageous mother has written in the Sydney Morning Herald of the experiences of her daughter transitioning – and the serious concerns that the process has raised.

Describing the experience as a “rollercoaster ride” the mother, who makes it clear that she is NOT conservative, explains why she believe that it is too easy to get medical treatment for children to “change gender”.

She writes –

“In our experiences with healthcare professionals in this field, it seems the current approach is to assume that all patients are genuinely transgender and the only path for them is to physically transition. There does not seem to be any real consideration that the child may be experiencing a number of other psychological factors that may lead them to declare themselves transgender.”

After detailing her daughters experience and the current social pressures she identifies the issue: “transgenderism has now become fashionable to young people“. Going on to talk of the pressures on parents –

“There is an enormous amount of pressure to agree, whether it’s being told that your child is at high risk of suicide, or that you are harming your child and suppressing their identity.”

Legislation currently before the Victorian parliament would only add to this pressure – potentially criminalising parents who do not actively support their children to transition.

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