Draft amendments to the ACT's Discrimination Act expose all Canberrans to potential claims and reduce religious freedom

The ACT Government has released draft amendments to the current Discrimination Act 1991 (ACT), following up from a recent Discussion Paper and a ‘Listening Report‘ outlining some public responses.

The Bill is missed opportunity to adopt best practice in the legislation, introduces sweeping changes impacting all of us living in the ACT and direct attacks a number of freedoms, including religious freedom.

The Government’s Exposure Draft of the Discrimination Amendment Bill 2022 shows what is being considered, but also provides an opportunity for you to have your say.

Find out more about the proposals

The Government has released a very brief ‘Fact Sheet‘ which discusses some aspects of the proposed changes, but provides very little in the way of justification or rationale.

The Fact Sheet is also unfortunately quite misleading in some areas.

Have your say in the Government's consultation

You can sign up at the Government’s YourSay Conversation website to make a contribution to the Government’s consultation.

More simply, you can make a submission covering the impacts on religious freedom and the other areas that are important to you by completing the form below.

Ensure that your voice is heard!

Want to know more?  Read the Briefing Paper by Christian Schools Australia on the Exposure Draft Discrimination Amendment Bill 2022 (ACT) –