Our Speakers -

John Whitehall is a Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health.
Since graduating in 1966 he has worked in various developing countries and Australia as a general paediatrician, then sub-specialised into intensive care of sick new born babies. After becoming head of the paediatrics department in a Sydney university almost ten years ago, he has returned to general paediatrics.
He became interested in the current phenomenon of gender dysphoria about three years ago, after hearing a presentation at a physician’s conference. Feeling intuitively sceptical of the outbreak as suggested by attendances at gender clinics in some Australian hospitals for children, and unconvinced of the alleged benefits of hormonal intervention, he discussed the phenomenon with physicians in North America, pursued the international literature and the corresponded with researchers in veterinary and other sciences in various international centres.
To the contrary of the claim that blocking puberty is ‘safe and with effects that are entirely reversible’ Whitehall has drawn attention to international research which has demonstrated lasting, deleterious damage to the brains of sheep. Such trials, extending over almost 10 years would ordinarily raise serious questions of safety. Such questions are being ignored in the current practice of transitioning to the opposite sex.
Whitehall has written articles for several publications detailing the side effects of blockers and cross sex hormones, and the absence of scientific evidence of need and benefit. His articles detail physiological and other medical references. His detractors seem preoccupied by his Christian faith, not his detail to scientific literature.

John Steenhof is the principal lawyer at the Human Rights Law Alliance, a not-for-profit law firm based in Canberra.

HRLA is an independent law firm that specialises in religious freedom, and freedom of thought, speech and conscience. John has twenty years’ experience working in law firms both large and small in Australia and New Zealand and most recently practised in his own firm in Western Australia before coming to HRLA in 2019.

Since 2019, HRLA has been representing Christians, churches, schools and religious organisations to promote, protect and preserve their freedom to act in accordance with their convictions and to speak truth in the public square. HRLA regularly acts for clients in religious freedom cases, advises Christians and religious groups on how to preserve their legal rights to act in accordance with their beliefs and advocates at Federal and State level for laws that protect fundamental freedoms.