South Australian Election 2022

Calls to remove funding and freedoms from Christian schools are increasing, and there are no protections against religious discrimination in South Australia.

The State election is coming up on Saturday 19 March.

Use the form below to contact candidates for your electorate and ask them where they stand on four key areas:

  • The rights of parents to choose a school that reflects their values and beliefs
  • The right of Christian schools to employ staff who uphold the school’s values and beliefs
  • The rights of parents to raise their children without government interference
  • Fair funding for all schools, including Christian schools, to grow and meet expanding demand.

It is important to remind candidates about real issues that affect your children on a daily basis, and to hold them to commitments when they are made.

Make sure that you select your new electorate, some have changed for this election.  Enter your address here to check.

What electorate are you in?

If you are unsure about your electorate you can check at the Electoral Commission South Australia website.

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Want Details of Polling Places?

You can find details of early polling places at the Electoral Commission South Australia website

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Need to Vote Early?

Anyone can apply for a postal vote. The Electoral Commission of South Australia has an online registration form.

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Want to Meet Candidates?

ACL is conducting a number of election forums with candidates from a range of electorates

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Want Details of Candidates?

The ABC's election site has details of candidates for all electorates

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What are Others Saying?

ACL and FamilyVoice have provided helpful comparisons of key policy differences and candidate voting records

ACL's Profiles of Key Policies and CandidatesFamilyVoice's Voting Records of MPs