Ban abusive and coercive conversion practices, but also ...

… ensure quality medical care can continue,

… protect loving families from government interference, and

… safeguard vital democratic freedoms.

A report by the Tasmanian Law Reform Institute proposes to restrict parents and medical practitioners’ capacity to choose what it is in the best interest of children and their patients.

The Tasmanian Premier said that he supports ‘acting on the recommendations of the law reform Institute report’.

Enacting the 16 recommendations of the TLRI report would go far beyond bans on abhorrent and coercive conversion practices.

The proposals would potentially criminalize parents and medical practitioners if they portray a “protected attribute” as a fault that is changeable or should be changed.

The report is based on flawed, anti-evidence ideology, as it minimises and ignores evidence (in Australia and overseas) of physical and mental harm done to children though transition treatments.

The recommendations also target religious practices, in seeking to curtail “the inability to feel comfortable… in a religious community”.

Parents must be free to choose their preferred specialist.

The medical profession must be free to exercise their profession.

The TLRI report has gotten this wrong.

Read why Christian schools care about these proposals here.

Find out what has been happening regarding this issue overseas here.

You need to take action to oppose these potentially draconian proposals!

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