The voice of Christian schools Australia-wide

With Christian schools under imminent threat nation-wide, ValuEd Voices was launched in May 2019.

Together, people of faith all over Australia rallied to see religious freedom recognised as a determining factor at the May 2019 federal election.

You and I learned first-hand the importance of being informed and organised in defence of Christian education in Australia.

Now our vigilance is vital.

Religious freedom, school funding and parents’ rights are crucial issues currently at stake – not only in federal parliament, but also in state parliaments nation-wide.

Unless you and I are vigilant in our defence of our right to hold, practice and teach our fundamental beliefs to our children, Christian schools will cease to exist.

Staying informed and organised is key.

ValuEd Voices is the voice of Christian schools Australia-wide, keeping you informed of relevant events as they unfold as well as actions you can take to protect Christian education in Australia.

Thanks for your help!