Ban abusive and coercive conversion practices, but also ...

… ensure quality medical care can continue,

… protect loving families from government interference, and

… safeguard vital democratic freedoms.

The Victorian Government has introduced the Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020 (VIC) into Parliament.

It is certainly the most ideologically driven conversion practices ban in Australia if not the world.  Going far beyond addressing abhorrent conversion practices it risks criminalising ethical and effective care options, explicitly targets religious practices, and even includes “informal practices, such as conversations with a community leader” within its scope.

The Victorian Government has gotten this wrong. Read our Factsheet for more information –

You need to take action to hold them to account!

Use the form below to contact the Legislative Council (Upper House) members in your region and the Opposition/Independent Legislative Assembly (Lower House) member to ensure that they oppose the Government’s legislation or seek necessary amendments.

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